Canal Brasil collaborates with internet users for film production

O Brazil Channel is receiving contributions from internet users for the production of the collaborative film “No Amor”, produced by Mariana Marinho and Marco Abujamra, which already has its first chapter available on the station’s website. The web users will help in the elaboration of some episodes of the feature.

Until March 15, netizens will be able to send their contributions so that chapters numbers 2 to 5 are made. The full version, which is being produced by Dona Rosa Filmes, will be released in August this year.

According to the channel’s own website, “‘In Love’ for everyone. Professionals, amateurs, those who have never done it, who want to try it. A lot of people will see your film, even if you are not the winner. have fun doing “.

The judging team includes actors Lzaro Ramos and Paulo Tiefenthaler, filmmaker Carla Camurati, critic and reporter Andr Miranda, and producers Mariana and Marco. It is up to them to judge the four stages of the selection.

The complete rules and space for you to upload your videos are available on Canal Brasil website. Participate and good luck!

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