Canada creates currency that glows in the dark

The Canadian Mint presented news on the country’s currency and currency. According to the website CnetA few months ago, they developed plastic caps and killed the penny. And now, the institution has created coins with dinosaur skeletons that glow in the dark.

On one side of the coin there is a fluorescent design, and on the other, there is a representation of Queen Elizabeth, which is not sparkling. The 25-cent coin is a copper alloy with nickel elements and larger than the traditional coin.

The dinosaur in question is a 26-meter skeleton discovered in 1972 in Alberta, a Canadian pronouncement. The 25-cent coin is the first of a series of four fluorescent models that I turn with images of prehistoric creatures. According to the Mint, the dinosaur’s design can be seen best after being exposed to sunlight for about 60 seconds.

For those who are excited to see the coin up close, you can take the horse out of the rain. Creation will be limited to just 25 thousand units. However, collectors who want to have the money will be able to buy it, obviously, for a much larger amount than its real value. Each coin costs 29.95 Canadian dollars and can be purchased from April 16.

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