Brazilians prefer mobile advertising to traditional online advertising

A study by Yahoo! Brazil and the Ipso Institute, entitled “Mobile Modes”, found that Brazilians are increasingly dependent on their mobile devices to perform leisure activities, read news or communicate with friends.

According to the document, 65% of the participants prefer sites that can be accessed from any device and place receptive ads as long as they bring an interactive and entertainment experience. This shows that consumers want their digital experiences to be integrated across screens – from PCs, smartphones and tablets.

With 250 million cell phones and 46 million devices with access to the 3G network, Brazil already has more mobile phones than inhabitants. Because of this, the analysis revealed that mobile advertising is more accepted than traditional online advertising.

“One of the reasons for this is that there is simply no space for ads without purpose on cell phones and tablets, as we see on PCs,” explains Beth. Mobile ads generate better brand awareness and public response, with 51% of respondents not caring about advertising as long as they allow them to access free content.

The way in which devices are used to communicate has also changed. Four out of five participants said they use cell phones with instant messaging apps, while 77% use their smartphones or tablets to check and send emails. The use of mobile devices as a photo sharing tool also draws attention, as 53% of respondents use this technology.

The study carried out with 750 Brazilians between 14 and 54 years old who use the internet at least once a week, 62% on smartphones and 28% on tablets. Of the total respondents, 49% were women and 51% were men.

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