“Brazilian SOPA” is removed after pressure on Twitter

When the US bill called the SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act) surfaced, millions of Internet users protested against it, using social networks and microblogs, causing its author to withdraw it from the poll. This week the story was repeated in Brazil and deputy Walter Feldman (PSDB-SP) was forced to withdraw a project this Tuesday (03/13), which had already earned the nickname “Brazilian SOPA”.

Project 3336/2012 proposed blocking, as determined by the Brazilian Internet address administrator, pages that had already been the subject of complaints about copyright or property violations.


Walter Feldman, deputy for PSDB-SP, author of the bill called “Brazilian SOPA”

Upon receiving charges and criticisms via Twitter, Walter submitted the withdrawal request for the project. Also on the microblog, the deputy justified himself in English (“I am respecting the world opinion. I am removing the project from the Congress agenda”) and in Portuguese (“I have already withdrawn and expressed my mistake”).

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