Brazilian company creates interaction with Kinect in Times Square

The Brazilian company SuperUber is creating a series of actions to promote the 2014 World Cup, to be held in Brazil, together with Embratur (tourism council, linked to the Brazilian Ministry of Tourism). Among them, there is an interactive installation, called Kinetic Play, which will be placed in Times Square, in New York, USA.

A camera captures the movements of the participants and Yep, an alien and character from the game app “Brasil Quest”, reproduces all these movements, which will be projected on a huge canvas. So, anyone who wants to play has to go up on a stage set at the corner of 45th Street and Broadway. The facility was activated yesterday and is already making it big among Americans.


(Yep and Kinetic Play in action)

Along with the installation, a photographic system will capture people’s images. Photos will be automatically sent to the Embratur fanpage on Facebook. So, you know: if you are visiting New York in the coming days, it is worth checking out and participating!

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