Brazil continues planning to switch off analog TV

Continuing the planning actions to switch off analogue TV in Brazil, the Ministry of Communications discussed the results of a study conducted by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

According to the adviser of the MiniCom Telecommunications Secretariat, Flvio Lenz, the study aimed to identify areas where Japan can cooperate with Brazil for the success of the analogue erasure.

“This assistance is being very important because we are learning from those who have already had an experience similar to success,” he said.

The areas where there should be cooperation between the two countries are spectrum planning, monitoring of digital coverage and actions for the dissemination of analogue disconnection aimed at the Brazilian population.

According to Lenz, MiniCom should send, by the end of June, a proposal for action to the Brazilian Cooperation Agency, which will send the document to the government of Japan.

Do you believe that Brazil is prepared for this blackout? Read here a story on the subject. We talked to small broadcasters in the north and northeast interior and found that many of them are still unprepared for digital.

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