Brain scanner helps people overwhelmed with work

MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) has developed a brain device that promises to help people develop certain activities at a subconscious level. According to the website Gizmowatch, the brain scanner, called Brainput, analyzes your mental activities and manages to dump you in those moments when you need to be alert, but you are too tired to work.

To conduct tests, researchers at the institute placed the scanner on a professional who needed to guide two robots simultaneously, constantly changing the control between the machines, and taking care that both did not collide with the wall. With an infrared beam, the scanner was able to determine the person’s level of attention and monitor the brain’s actions, storing this data on a computer. When the robots started hitting the walls, indicating a lack of attention from the operator, they were able to adjust automatically due to the computed data at the time of most attention.

Companies like Microsoft are investing heavily in computers that interact with humans so that, in the future, both can live together in harmony. The researchers believe that pilots could benefit from the technology, which would help professionals in times of stress.

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