Beware: your cell phone can make you more selfish

The cell phone, developed and perfected over the last few decades, has become an indispensable feature of human life, so much so that today, it is difficult for you to walk down the street and not notice one or more people with their handsets in their hands.

But researchers at the University of Maryland, United States, decided to study the behavior of cell phone users. And the result was interesting: the use of the device, created to facilitate communication between people, tends to create less sociable characteristics in individuals. In other words: according to the study, we are more self-centered and self-centered thanks to the help of cell phones.

According to the ScienceDaily, the basis of the research is the concept of “pro-social” behavior, defined by researchers as everything we do that can benefit other people or society in general. For this, the study volunteers, with an average age of 20 years, were divided into two groups: the participants in the first group used a cell phone for a while, and those in the second did not. After monitoring the individuals, it was found that those who won cell phones were less interested in participating in voluntary group work compared to others.

In addition, even in tests in which individuals had a chance to help others (for example, in an activity in which participation was optional and would yield a cash donation to charities), cell phone users had more difficulty and showed less persistence when solving problems.

The reason for the egosm of these users has been the subject of debate among scientists. They believe that, as the cell phone makes the individual feel connected to society, theoretically, he does not need to strive to participate even more than is around him, since his need for interaction is already complete. In this way, the person becomes less sociable.

“The cell phone evokes feelings of connectivity with others, filling the basic need that we have to belong to a group”, explain the project’s authors.

To verify this hypothesis further, the researchers analyzed volunteers who used Facebook via computer and others who accessed the social network through their cell phone. Those who used the website’s mobile service said they felt more connected and close to friends, which would prove that the mobile device was the cause of this feat.

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