Application allows you to explore DNA of songs

The website WhoSampled it has been used for many years by those who like or produce music. With the tool created by them, it is possible to know whose samples are – excerpts from other artists’ songs – used in more than 150 thousand songs by 54 thousand artists. Just type in the artist or song in the search field to find out what exact second an artist took advantage of another artist’s music to add an extra touch to their own. As the website logo explains, Who Sampled helps to discover the DNA of each song.

The news is that this Tuesday, WhoSampled finally decided to bet on a new platform and launched its iOS app, whose main innovation is to analyze the list of songs on your smartphone and find out which samples, remixes and covers are linked to each music.


The operation of the application is very interesting – if you are listening to a song and want to know more about it, just open the app and the information will already be there. It is also possible to compare the sampled song with the one that used the sample, using sites such as YouTube and Soundcloud.

Are you curious? Download the iOS app, which costs $ 2.99.

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