Apple wants to replace its unmistakable headphones, according to patent

One of Apple’s most iconic and unaltered products is its headset. However, according to one patent registration published by the US Patent and Trademark Office, they want to switch to a model that has all the components integrated together.

In this way, cables, connector, microphone and the sound outputs themselves will be integrated. The patent is called “Ultrasonic welded structures” which, in addition to talking about the product, also describes the method used to join all components, in the welding process that joins the plastic only at points of contact.

Even if it consists of several connected pieces, the phone will look as if it were composed of just one whole piece. Apple says the result will be more “aesthetically pleasing”.


(Current headset that comes with Apple products)

This is not the first time that the press suggests the production of a new Apple headset. According to the website Apple Insider, another registered patent involves welding plastics with metals, a more difficult task than joining plastic with plastic.

The solution found by the company for this task was to add a texture to the metal, causing the other material to melt on the first, adhering and uniting in a totally natural way.

The result can be a thinner, stronger and clearer structure than current designs.

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