Apple prepares makeover for the iTunes Store and music sharing

Apple will make a major change to the iTunes Store with greater integration with iCloud and the launch of music sharing features, according to Bloomberg.

The new version of the iTunes Store will be released by the end of the year. The integration with iCloud will allow greater access to the content purchased on several different devices, from the iPhone Apple TV, for example.

Social features will now offer the possibility to share music with friends. The company is negotiating with major record companies on how to allow a song to be sent free of charge to friends.

The option of sharing music already exists on services like Spotify and Apple can exploit the feature with the integration of iOS 6 with Facebook.

The iTunes Store was launched in 2003 with 200,000 songs and currently has more than 29 million songs, in addition to 45,000 movies. The store generated about $ 1.9 billion in revenue for Apple in the last quarter.

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