Anyway, the app war arrives in the world of Smart TVs

The current market has forced electronics manufacturers to be increasingly concerned with the software available for their devices. This, incidentally, was Steve Jobs’ “catwalk” when creating an app store for his successful iOS. Google followed suit, providing a favorable environment for developers to create software compatible with their Android and, more recently, we have followed Microsoft in its trajectory to do the same with Windows Phone.

In the case of SmartTVs, the scenario is not very different. Manufacturers fight not only for the best technology for displaying images, but also for the quantity and quality of the applications that will be available to their customers. Today, it can be said that the offer of applications is one of the factors that define the purchase of a television. But, how to conquer this group of developers and make them focus their work on a specific manufacturer’s platform?

An aggravating factor in the SmartTV market is the variety of platforms – apps made for TVs from one brand do not work on screens from another manufacturer. This hampers the rise of the app development market for this type of device. The multiple systems and languages ​​segment, resulting in a smaller offer of apps and less popularity among consumers.

On the next pages: brands compete for developers. And also: why not create a unique environment for SmartTVs?

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