Android phones will cost between R $ 380 and R $ 400, says Paulo Bernardo

Minister Paulo Bernardo, responsible for the Communications portfolio, announced that smartphones equipped with Google’s Android operating system could be purchased for a price between R $ 380 and R $ 400 in the second half. This would happen because the telecommunications sector receives a tax incentive from the government precisely to implement the cheapness of the line. According to the minister, two companies would already be producing devices with reduced cost for launching in 2012.

The idea that with the incentive, telecommunications companies can invest more in the sector. The devices will be exempt from IPI and will have a reduction in Cofins.

“The use of the network increased by 340% in 2011. Service taxes have a tax burden ranging from 50% to 75%. The state tax is even higher due to the ICMS. A joint federal and state effort should be made to reduce taxes. With that, increasing the use we will compensate the reduction of the tax too “, said Bernardo on a visit to the Oi company at Riocentro, where the Rio + 20 conference will take place.

According to Bernardo, investments in the area should reach a record of about R $ 25 billion in 2012, R $ 1 billion more than in 2001, right after the sector’s privatization.

The minister also said that he is formulating a list of suggestions for expanding the telecommunications area to be handed over to President Dilma Rousseff. According to him, there are several proposals for reducing taxes in the area. “We also want to intensify the use of information and telecommunications technologies: cell phones, broadband, pay TV,” he explained.

The information is from Agência Brasil.

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