American is the first person to edit a million articles on Wikipedia

American Justin Knapp, 30, who lives in Indianapolis (Indiana’s state capital), was the first person in the world to break a record on Wikipedia. He was responsible for editing a million texts on the site. According to the British newspaper Telegraph, to reach a million editions, the boy had to edit about 385 texts a day, an average of one article every four minutes since March 2005.

The collaborative digital encyclopedia, in other words, has the help of volunteers in the creation and editing of texts. However, in 2007, those responsible for the site removed the permission to edit any Internet user, leaving this responsibility only in the hands of trustworthy collaborators such as Justin.

The boy, who majored in philosophy and political science at Indiana University, said on his Wikipedia page that unemployment contributed to him being able to edit the articles. Most of the texts published by him were on politics, philosophy, religion and popular culture.

The user with the second largest number of texts edited on the site is a British from Farmbrough (United Kingdom). Currently, Wikipedia has about 90,000 editors who regularly contribute to the online encyclopedia.

To see the editor texts by Justin, click on here.

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