Actor gets role in sequel to Star Trek thanks to his smartphone

Film director JJ Abrams, known for productions like Lost, Super 8 and Mission Impossible 3, is working as a producer on the new sequel to the acclaimed Star Trek. And, trying to get a role in this feature, Benedict Cumberbatch, a 35-year-old British actor, used his iPhone camera to record his rehearsal and send it to Abrams.

In December, Abrams had already asked Benedict to record a rehearsal video for the possible role of villain Khan in the feature. However, the actor was in England, enjoying his vacation, and had no one to help him with the recording. A, technology came in to save you.


(Benedict playing the scientist Stephen Hawking in biography)

According to the The New York TimesBenetict took his iPhone out of his pocket and started recording the rehearsal using the smartphone camera inside a friend’s kitchen. Abrams, who was also on vacation, saw the video some time later and considered it “one of the most attractive rehearsals he has ever seen”.


(JJ Abrams, known for productions like the Lost series, and the films Super 8 and Mission Impossible 3)

Benedict’s role has not yet been officially announced, but he is already working on producing the film. The actor is known for appearing in several features, such as the biography of scientist Stephen Hawking, where he plays the researcher himself.

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