30% of Brazilians intend to see Olympics online

Much is said about the online broadcasts of the 2012 Olympic Games in London, which will take place between the end of July and the middle of August. But how many people are really interested in watching the evidence online?

According to a study by the Perform group released by Mashable, interest in online broadcasts is quite low. In the United States, only 16% of Americans who enjoy sports intend to watch the Olympics on the computer, and a further 7% are interested in watching the events using mobile devices.

Good old TV appears as the main media for those interested in the Olympics – 71% of sports fans intend to watch the Games in this way. Other ways to keep up to date on the tests include reading news on the PC (23%), on the cell phone (7%), in the newspaper (27%) and in social media (12%).

The study also includes data from Brazil. Here, 83% intend to watch on TV, and the Brazilian interest in watching on the computer is greater than in the USA – 30% want to watch an online broadcast.

Brazilians also believe that social networks will be very useful to follow the evidence – 23% intend to follow and discuss on social media.

Among the other ways to follow the Olympics in Brazil are watching on a mobile device (13%), reading news on the PC (40%), reading on the smartphone (15%), listening on the radio (12%) and reading printed newspapers ( 41%).

In Brazil, the Games will be covered by the Terra portal, which will broadcast the events on 36 simultaneous channels in high definition.

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