14 years later, Super Nintendo will gain unprecedented game release

Who does not remember the Super Nintendo (also known as SNES), considered one of the best video games in all history? The console, created by Japan’s Nintendo, was launched in 1990 and has sold more than 50 million units worldwide. Among the toy’s most famous titles were Super Mario World, F-Zero, Mega Men, Donkey Kong and so many others that made the kids happy.

After paying billions of Nintendo dollars and making the video game market even more popular across the planet, the device ended its sales in 1999. But good news can cheer up those who still own the console: a production team called the Super Fighter Team announced who is developing a game for the Super Nintendo, 14 years after the last game was released for SNES – a remake of “Frogger” in 1998.

The group of producers says that it wants to revive the classic back of the season and increase the fun of people, and not to create news that is only focused on the massive collection of money.

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“The Super Fighter Team was created by the dream that a new life can still breathe in video games, computers and systems abandoned by the gaming industry. For this reason, we proudly offer what may be the world’s only source of new platform games. like Sega Genesis and Atari Lynkx “, declared the creators.

The name of the game will be “Nightmare Busters”, a kind of shooting game with a lot of rush. The launch is scheduled for next year, but the pre-sale has already started: the title will be sold for US $ 60, with a limit of 600 copies. But that is enough time for you to find a Super Nintendo that still works and buy it for a cheaper price than a simple joystick on current generation consoles.


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