10 LEGO machines that really work!

Who doesn’t remember LEGO? The toy was created in the mid 1950s, but gained fame here in Brazil in the 80s and 90s. Despite its simplicity, fun was guaranteed in the assembly of houses, dolls, vehicles and much more – all with the famous colored pieces created by the Danish Ole Kirk Christiansen.

If you think the toy was on the verge of extinction, better watch the following videos (separated by MSNBC) with some of the most incredible and current inventions ever created by LEGO. And the best: that they really work.

1. Star Wars organ

The device was part of the promotional campaign for the movie Star Wars: The Phantom Threat 3D. Two LEGO engineers build miniature scenes of the cinematic adventure around a cylinder. With more than 20 thousand blocks, the scenes were positioned in such a way that, when turning the cylinder, the Star Wars theme song played from a keyboard.

2. Gears of War rifle

LEGO artist PLUM B created a war rifle in real proportions inspired by the Gears of War series of games. The equipment features a motorized blade and a firing mechanism that shoots elastics.

3. Rob making pancakes

Using some common blocks and the Mindstorms collection, a group created a robot that makes pancakes with both programmed and personalized shapes. On the video, we can see the machine making a pancake in the shape of Mickey Mouse and another in the shape of a path.


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