Yahoo! IntoNow media app arrives on iPad

Yahoo! launched a version of the media application IntoNow for iPad, in addition to updating versions for smartphones with new features.

IntoNow as a companion for TV: it shows additional information to what is going on, such as more details of news, game statistics and even updates made by popular actors on social networks.

It recognizes the sound that is on the TV and shows the extra information on the smartphone or tablet screen. In addition to TV shows, IntoNow can also detect songs that are playing in the program and opens the artist’s page on iTunes.

One of the features of the new version 3.0 allows you to capture an image of the screen, add a caption and share with friends – an instant meme creator.


IntoNow 3.0 is currently only available for iOS devices. Android users will have to wait a while to access the new features, but they can still download the old version.

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