“We know who is behind the phone”, says Facebook Brasil executive

“We have an advantage: we know who is behind that cell phone, where they live and where they are at the moment. This makes it much easier for companies to do segmentation work on the cell phone,” said Alexandre Hohagen, Facebook executive in Brazil, in an interview Folha de S. Pauloon advertising for mobile devices.

For the executive, mobile advertising has been one of Facebook’s great monetary assets. “Today, 14% of world revenue comes from cell phones. In Brazil, the index is even higher,” he says.

One of the assets, according to Hohagen, was the insertion of advertising in the news feed of the social network application. According to him, there is a concern regarding the acceptance of users, but so far this has not bothered them. “If he [o usurio] I wasn’t satisfied, I wouldn’t be clicking, as it is today – and as you can see in the growth in cell phone revenues ”, he celebrates.

Precisely for this reason, the executive sees the main growth of the social network on the mobile platform. According to him, everything the Facebook team is doing is focused on offering an experience as good on mobile as on PC. According to him, the “next billion users will come mainly from”.

For him, one of the main impediments to the growth of mobile Facebook in Brazil is due to the high prices of data plans. “Of the 61 million users in Brazil, 20 million also access their cell phones, 30% of the total subscribers. In the world, only 60% ”, he tells the newspaper.

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