Warner CEO says he hopes Apple will launch a TV

As far as one of the biggest content providers depends, Apple has carte blanche to develop even a television set – something that has long been speculated. During the IGNITION conference, Business Insider, Jeff Bewkes, CEO of Time Warner, was asked about the issue and replied, “I hope they do.”

The executive said the apple company is a good example when it comes to common devices. Historically, Apple has taken gadgets out of stagnant markets to elevate them to the level of desire. That’s what Bewkes hopes to see with TVs.

One of the CEO’s main expectations is that Apple will solve a fundamental problem in the television business: “They bring good interface and navigation skills”, he bet. This would help organize the hundreds of channels contained in the pay-TV packages – which do not work on product design.

But, just like in the smartphone, music player and tablet sectors, Bewkes does not believe that Apple will be alone on television. As soon as it enters the price, face competition and consumers will see, according to the head of Warner, a multitude of interfaces emerge.

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