Two-thirds of all music consumed in the U.S. is free, industry admits

Torrent Freak obtained copies of images from a presentation by an executive of RIAA, the main lobbying organization in the North American music industry, for people connected to the main record labels in the country.

Confidential data reveals that 65% of the music consumed in the United States is obtained free of charge, but that the vast majority of the content reaches people offline, via external hard drives, CDs burnt at home or pendrives from acquaintances.

According to research by the industry itself, two-thirds of all music consumed in the USA is obtained for free, while just under 30% of all this content is purchased on p2p or file storage sites, such as the late Megaupload.


In total, 15% of all music, paid or not, comes from p2p sites, while 4% is accessed through sites like Rapidshare or Hotfile. Exchanging external hard drives (19%) and accessing files on other people’s computers (27%) are the preferred methods by the Americans.

The graphics show the change in the control of music, leaving the hands of the main media companies and increasingly being downloaded and consumed freely, on the Internet or outside it.

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