Twitter suspends account of journalist who complained about Olympics coverage

Twitter has on several occasions taken advantage of the use of its tool as a marketing tool by activists from countries struggling against government censorship, making the image that the company defends the weak and oppressed and is totally in favor of freedom of expression. But, apparently, things change when the target of criticism is the microblogging network itself.

That’s because the company deleted the account of a journalist who criticized the coverage that Twitter and NBC do of the London Olympics. The Englishman Guy Adams ridiculed the coverage and published the email from executive Gary Zenkel, responsible for the NBC press area, asking all dissatisfied Internet users to complain to him.

Therefore, Adams had his account suspended for violating the terms of use. Apparently, an employee of Twitter himself located the tweet, called the NBC legal officer and explained the process for creating a complaint on the site. Since the two companies are commercial partnerships, action can be considered unethical and was seen by many as damaging freedom of the press.

After the community that accesses the network criticized the attitude, NBC withdrew its request and Twitter restored the journalist’s account, not without burning his image a little throughout the imbroglio.

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