Twitter makes more money from mobile advertising than Facebook

An estimate from the consultancy eMarketer says Twitter earns $ 129.7 million from mobile advertising in 2012 and has a higher profit than Facebook, which is expected to earn about $ 72 million from advertising and other products developed for mobile phones and tablets.

However, according to the same study, Twitter’s advantage should not last long, since Facebook’s profit in the mobile area is expected to grow to as much as $ 387 million in 2013, with Twitter returning to $ 100 million.

According to Mashable, that would make Facebook – which faces constant devaluations of its shares on the stock exchange and market disbelief – the second company in the list of the highest billings with advertising in the mobile sector, second only to Google.

The social network’s difficulty in proving that it can be profitable for its shareholders has been Facebook’s main problem since the public offering of its shares on May 18. Therefore, eMarketer is betting that the company will invest heavily in the mobile sector next year and the following years, as it now has the popular Instagram application and a sector dedicated to advertisements for mobile devices.

Finally, the consultancy says that the mobile advertising sector will reach the figure of US $ 2.61 billion in the United States this year, and that, by 2016, the market should be worth up to US $ 12 billion.

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