Twitter censors neo-Nazi group in Germany

Twitter reported this week that it first used its local censorship tool. The microblogging network that blocked the tweets from the @hannoverticker account from being viewed by users in Germany, at the request of the country’s government.

The account is managed by a group called Besseres Hannover (“Hannover best”), suspected of operating a criminal association, according to German police. The account’s tutes, however, are still visible to users from the rest of the world.

The decision was announced by Alex Macgillivray, director of Twitter’s legal department through his profile on the social network.

“We announced the ability to block content in January and now we are using it for the first time in an illegal group in Germany,” said Macgillivray. “The company never wanted to retain content, but it is good to have the tools to do this carefully and transparently”, added the director, disclosing the link to Hannover police letteras well as for the post in which explains the conditionscontent retention.

The letter sent by the Hannover police to Twitter does not mention what are the criminal acts of which the organization is guilty, but the Finantial Times, cites German reports that the group was involved in the distribution of racist material in schools and threats against immigrants in the country.


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