Twitter bets on the experience of ‘second screen’ in Brazil

Guilherme Ribenboim, executive director of Twitter in Brazil, showed on Monday how Twitter and Brazilian television are already going together, indicating that the company should follow the path of the ‘second screen’ in the country.

The term defines when a user watches television sharing his attention with the screen of a smartphone, usually tweeting about it. This is a trend in the United States and should be one of the bets on Twitter in Brazil.

Ribenboim exhibited figures that can be quite attractive for Brazilian broadcasters to start investing more on Twitter. A study by shows that, in the United States, 17% of respondents started watching a program due to the ‘buzz’ around the program on social media. In addition, of these, 31% continued to watch it precisely because of the interaction in these media.

The executive showed that, of the five events that yielded the highest number of tutes per minute in Brazil, all were somehow connected to TV. Among them were the two games of the Copa Libertadores final, in which Corinthians won the title, the final chapter of the soap opera Avenida Brasil, the death of comedian Chico Anisio and the penultimate episode of the show The Voice, from Rede Globo.

Shailesh Rao, Twitter’s international vice president, showed one like this feature is already common in the world. The executive showed the peak of tutes during the British TV program X-Factor, which promoted a specific hashtag. When showing it on the screen, the peak of tutes with that same hashtag was impressive, almost instantly.

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