Twitter announces tools to make advertising more efficient

Twitter announced that it is implementing a new tool to make ads more efficient. Now advertisers have the possibility to prevent certain terms from offering their brand irrelevantly when the user uses social network searches with negative keywords.

The example company of the word “bacon”. If a user searches for the term, a good idea would be to display advertising for a company that sells bacon. However, if the user searches for “Kevin Bacon”, the advertisement becomes completely irrelevant.

In this example, “Kevin” would be a negative keyword. By including it, the advertiser prevents his ad about bacon from being linked to actor Kevin Bacon.

In addition, it was also announced that companies may include sponsored tweets in searches for Trending Topics. “For example, if news about a celebrity pregnancy comes up, if you have a baby store, your tweet can be included in searches for that topic,” says Kevin Weil, product director in a post on the company’s blog.

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