TVs want another 14 years of analog signal in Brazil

Last week, the Minister of Communications, Paulo Bernardo, had already signaled that the disconnection of the analogue signal from Brazilian TV could be postponed until 2016, a period previously provided for by decree. But the path towards digitization can take even longer.

Alexandre Raposo, president of TV Record, heads a movement with Band, SBT and RedeTV! to play for 2026 the end of analogue transmissions in Brazil. The reason? According to him, in addition to incentive laws for the purchase of televisions with a digital converter, the government needs to promote debates with broadcasters to explain the real problems with changing the signal.

“The Minister of Communications is adamant about the deadline, but we want to show the president that a large part of the population will not have TV with a digital converter by 2016, and the stations will not be ready,” says Raposo to Keila Jimenez, a columnist for Folha de S. Paulo. “The analgesic end must be in 2026”, he reiterates.

In July, the Forum of the Brazilian Digital Terrestrial TV System informed that, with the inclusion of Rio Branco, in Acre, all Brazilian capitals started to receive the digital signal. However, industry data indicates that of the 160 million televisions spread across Brazil, only 16 million have built-in digital receivers. The optimistic expectation is that the number will jump to 70 million by 2015.

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