TV influences 40% of the most successful subjects on Twitter

Directly or indirectly, television programming influences about 40% of the subjects that reach Twitter’s Trending Topics (or TTs), those themes that gain popularity and notoriety quickly.

The finding of the study “Twitter’s Trending Topics”, from the third quarter of 2012, carried out by, which points out different reasons that justify the influence of TV in each category.

In Sports, it is clear that the majority of topics related to this category are associated with televised events with emphasis on the Olympic Games and soccer tournaments. In the Music category, the influence of TV is even more noticeable, as it is exactly the television events that have gained more notoriety, with emphasis on the MTV Video Music Awards, the Multishow Award and the Turn of the band Maroon 5.

For the CEO of E.Life, Alessandro Barbosa Lima, “the data confirm that, more and more, Twitter users watch television at the same time that they post comments on the microblog”. Another proof of this is that the TV program itself, which deserved a specific category in the survey, constantly combined with trending topics thanks to the buzz involving the soap operas and their most famous actors.

Regarding the third quarter of this year, the survey provides a ranking of general topics in Brazil, but specific information on the cities of Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo was also investigated. The study revealed similar behavior among Twitter users in both cities.

Monitoring was carried out between July 1 and September 30. Nine categories were elected: Movie theater, Commemorative dates, sports, Events, Internet and Technology, Music, News, Policy and also TV.

Check out the Trending Topics of each category:

Movie theater – Most tweets from all three locations are about the Harry Potter saga. In Rio de Janeiro, the films “Os Mercenrios” and “Os Mercenrios 2”, produced by Sylvester Stallone, were remembered by users. J in So Paulo, the film TED was highlighted in the Trending Topics.

Commemorative dates – The most talked about celebrations in Brazil were Father’s Day (08/12) and Gacho Pride Day / Farroupilha Revolution (09/20). The Independence of Brazil was remembered in the Trending Topics in Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo. Rock Day and Friend Day were also significant dates in So Paulo.

Sport– Almost 90% of Brazil’s Trending Topics within this category relate to the London Olympics and football-related issues. The transfer of player Paulo Henrique Ganso do Santos to So Paulo was one of the most talked about subjects. Formula 1 and UFC races were also cited in the polls.

Events – Musical events were responsible for 65% of TT’s in Brazil within the category. The MTV Video Music Awards, the Multishow Prize and the Maroon 5 concert tour in Brazil were the most talked about events. In Rio de Janeiro, the So Paulo Book Biennial and the Parintins Carnival were also mentioned in great volume. In So Paulo, the Art Biennial and the Youpix Festival they also featured in the Trending Topics.

Internet and technology – The hashtag #rpsp (acronym for “Revived by Your Word”), a Bible reading project, and news regarding the movement of Facebook shares were the Trending Topics in Brazil that most appeared in this category. J in Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo, Facebook, Google and iPhone 5 were the terms that generated a faster engagement in TTs in this category.

Music – The Trending Topics of this category were composed by artists aimed at young audiences, with singers Demi Lovato and Justin Bieber being the most commented. English band One Direction, Canadian singer Avril Lavigne and Brazilian singer Luan Santana also stood out in the list of this category.

News – The arrival of the Curiosity spacecraft on the planet Mars and the rains and floods in southern Brazil were two of the most talked about subjects. The eleven years of the 9/11 tragedy and the data released by IBGE and IDEB also featured in the Trending Topics in Rio de Janeiro and So Paulo, respectively.

Policy – Terms associated with the elections were predominant, followed by the discussion about the trial of the month with ministers to the ministers of the Superior Federal Court (STF) and the case rus.

TV – Menes to soap operas, their actors and characters are responsible for the vast majority of terms collected in the TV category. Even with the great repercussion of the soap operas of Rede Globo Avenida Brasil and Cheias de Charme, references to the soap opera Rebelde and its cast, shown by Record, also gained prominence in the Trending Topics of the three locations in the period ascertained.

In all topics analyzed, the numerical survey does not necessarily specify whether the buzz is positive, negative or neutral.

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