Technology identified as evolution of QR code is awarded by WSJ

At the beginning of the year, we spoke here at Digital Look about a technology that has been identified as an evolution of the QR code (see the video here). Now the so-called Touchcode has gained recognition from one of the most traditional American newspapers.

On Tuesday, 16, the German Printechnologics GmbH of Chemnitz, which created the platform, was announced as the winner of the Wall Street Journal Technology Innovation Awards on account of the service.

The Touchcode proposal is the same as that of the QR code: to reveal, through specific coding, digital content in analogue publications. A good example of this are the movie posters that, through the QR code, take smartphone owners to the production trailer.

The difference between the technologies is that, while the QR code demands a physical space in the publication and a visible code, the Touchcode does not need any of this. It allows transparent codes to be printed on paper to be accessed on a touchscreen device. It is not necessary to use the device’s camera to read.

The code can be printed on different surfaces, in addition to being able to be used for different purposes such as advertising in magazines and newspapers, validating event tickets and bringing more information to consumers about purchased products.

An advantage over the current method – highlighted by the WSJ jury – is security. The QR code is printed in black and white and can be easily copied, so its use is not advisable for risky operations – such as payments, for example. In Germany, a similar technology is used to validate train tickets, but identification is necessary to prevent fraud. In the case of Touchcode, this does not happen, since the codes are invisible.

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