Syria blames terrorists for internet hacking

Serbia’s telecommunications minister said that terrorists, and not the government, were responsible for shutting down the internet across the country this Thursday, 29, according to a local TV channel.

“It is not true that the state cut off the internet. Terrorists attacked the internet lines, resulting in the shutdown of some regions,” said the broadcaster.

According to Reuters, engineers are working to repair the fault in the country’s main communications and internet cable.

According toblogfrom Renesys, a digital intelligence company, 84 blocks of IP’s destined for the country were inaccessible at 12:26 pm in Damascus, capital of the country, at 8:26 am in Brazilian time. The connection was gradually restored.

Understand the case

This was not the first time that Serbia unplugged from the internet. In other situations, the country has suspended digital activities to contain civil unrest. Last July, the fall took place for 40 minutes but, at that time, the disconnect had not been as complete as it was this time.

For about 20 months there has been a rebellion in the country that tries to overthrow the Bashar al Assad regime, which is more than a decade in power.

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