Streaming will grow 5 times more than the download in 2012

In 2012, the music market via streaming will surpass that of downloads in terms of growth, with results almost five times higher than those presented by the “prime” sector.

Revenues are expected to rise 40% this year, according to the study Global Recorded Music, from Strategy Analytics, reaching US $ 1.1 billion. The download will earn more (US $ 3.9 billion), but its growth will be much lower, of only 8.5%.

If forecasts are confirmed, streaming will become the main driver of growth in digital sales, generating an extra $ 311 million – $ 8 million more than the $ 303 million download.

General spending on digital music will rise 17.8% ($ 1.3 billion) in 2012, to $ 8.6 billion, while sales of physical media will fall 12.1%, or $ 1.9 billion. This will cause the first group to increase its market share and to represent 39% of all that is spent on music in the world.

Strategy Analytics also says that by 2015 digital will have left the physical behind. Do you agree with the forecast?

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