Stories behind capslock

Capslock has been part of our lives for a long time and has been the true representative of the cry on the internet. Be it a debate on Facebook, a frightened tweet or an email from your grandmother, WHO SEES IT BETTER WITH LARGE LETTERS, this feature present on all computers in the world has a long history and has even created links with certain words.

Twitter profile @CapsCop collected more than a million tweets over two years and found out which words are most written in capslock and the agency staff Knock Twice made the data available in an infographic. Among the 20 most tweeted words in uppercase are “just” (“only”, in Portuguese), with 13%, “love”, with 11%, and “go” also with 11%. Another very common word in the language also appears on the list as one of the most used in capslock, with 12%.

The infographic still presents some interesting facts that happened around the resource. In 2007, for example, an employee was fired in New Zealand for sending an email with lots of capslock phrases, which implied she was screaming or nervous. The image also shows that the American presenter Oprah is one of the celebrities that most abuses the words in capital letters. Check out more facts about capslock below and see a timeline about the keys.

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