Steve Wozniak would like to see iTunes on Android

ITunes shouldn’t be so closed and could win an Android version. what Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple, thinks he would like to use the software on his devices with the Google system.

In an interview with site users Slashdot, Woz questioned Apple’s reason for creating an iTunes version for Android. “If you remember, we adapted iTunes for Windows,” he said. “It started the Apple era as it is today. So why don’t we bring iTunes to Android? I love Apple products and iTunes and would like to see it on my Android devices too,” he said.

Despite dreaming of iTunes on Android, Wozniak knows that this is unlikely to ever come true. Apple maintains a closed and very controlled system to prevent iTunes from being used by devices that are not owned by the company itself – in 2009, the manufacturer fought with Palm that allowed it to synchronize its devices with Apple software.

Even though he created Apple together with Steve Jobs, Woz distanced himself from the company and maintained a neutral position in relation to competitors, and often attacks Apple’s decisions and praises products from other manufacturers.

A point that shows how the creator does not agree with the company’s policy regarding the jailbreak of iOS devices. While Apple struggles to prevent its devices from being modified, Wozniak has a favorable position in the open source community for remembering Apple’s beginnings.

“Much of what I am is in the thinking of Linux and open code,” he said. “where I would be if I were young and discovering the technology,” he said.

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