Star Wars MMORPG will have free version

Whoever was dying to play Star Wars: The Old Republic, but was not willing to put his hand in his pocket, can now celebrate. EA Games and Bioware have announced that there will be a free way to play the MMORPG in a galaxy in the very distant.

In the “free-to-play”It will be possible to play with eight different classes up to level 50. Players will still have access to the most basic equipment and territories and restrictions on some history missions. The quests “Operation ”, for example, they are only available to those who pay.

To take full advantage of the experience, it will be necessary to acquire “Cartel Coins“, Which will raise the player’s account to a level”Premium”, With all the items and powers, in addition to more space in the backpack, priority to log in to full servers and access to war zones. To see the full list of benefits, click on here.

Those who already subscribed to the game will be rewarded monthly with “Cartel Coins”, including being paid for the previous months of subscription.

The new game mode is expected to take effect between September and October.

Star Wars MMO

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