Sony promises to popularize 4K TVs

Sony announced at CES in Las Vegas that it plans to popularize 4K technology. And the company attacked on several fronts to achieve this goal, starting with the obvious: it launched cheaper televisions.

Currently, a TV from the XBR-X900 line costs at least $ 25,000, since it is 84 inches. What Sony did was reproduce the image quality – also known as Ultra Hight Definition (UHD) – on 55 and 65 inch devices. Although it did not reveal the prices, the company’s COO, Phil Molyneux, guaranteed that they will be similar to those practiced with normal high-quality TVs.

In addition to the value – until then equivalent to that of a car – 4K still faced the problem of lack of content, after all, it is not enough to have a device that displays four times more pixels than conventional TVs, if you have nothing that reaches that resolution.

For Sony hopes to resolve this with a film distribution system that serves technology. The novelty will be launched there in the middle of the year, in the United States. A hardware, the 4K Video Player, will also be put on the market, and the company has remastered some Blu-ray films so that its resolutions will jump to the UHD level – among them, “The spectacular Spider-Man” and “Taxi driver”.


Kaz Hiral, Sony’s CEO, who had started the presentation and passed the ball on to Molyneux, went back to the end to show off the 4K OLED TV prototype the company has been working on. He just didn’t have an unexpected – but already known – blue Windows screen, which prevented work.

Visibly disappointed, Hiral even released some sarcastic comments of the “excellent” type. The world’s largest device of its kind, with 56 inches, but no one has managed to see it up and running.

Sony’s new 4K TV


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