Smart collar warns you when your dog has a high temperature

Dogs are hot and can suffer from high temperatures, but few people know when the pet is too hot. Thinking about it, the agency Rethink Toronto created a collar that, along with a smartphone application, can identify if your dog has an above-ideal temperature.

According to the website Mashable, the accessory is connected to the internet and uses a chip that “reads” the animal’s temperature and passes it on to the application. When the dog is above 26 degrees Celsius, the owner receives an alert message on the cell phone.

The necklace and the app are not yet available on the market, but, according to the agency, it should be launched for about US $ 20 next year. A similar project has already been developed. A baby seat with a temperature sensor warns parents when their child is too hot.

The accessories were developed especially for people who leave their pets and children in the car to go to the pharmacy or some establishment.

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