Samsung Launches 75 Inch TV Only 7.9mm Thick

Samsung this week announced its newest TV model, the ES9000. The top-of-the-line device, which has an LCD screen with an incredible 75 inches and measures just 7.9 mm thick, will sell for $ 18,000 (about $ 36,000).

The television impresses not only with its size, but also with technology. Thanks to the Samsung Diamond Black Panel, the device is a Smart TV that has internet access and several applications, in addition to bringing great improvements in cleanliness, contrast and brightness in the image.


According to the Mashable, the huge television is equipped with a webcam for videoconferencing, facial recognition system and control of channels and programming by voice or gestures.

So far, the ES9000 will be sold in stores in South Korea. It is not yet known when the TV will reach other continents.

Samsung TV

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