Rupert Murdoch resigns from News Corp newspapers

Communications tycoon Rupert Murdoch announced that he is leaving the board of all newspapers for which he was responsible, including the British The Sun, Times and Sunday Times.

The decision was announced to News Corp shareholders in a statement released on Monday.

The resignation comes shortly after the announcement that News Corp would be divided into two companies, one responsible for media publications and the other for the entertainment sector.

It was already stipulated that Murdoch would leave the British media division since last year, when a scandal broke out over the use of telephone taps in the late News of the World, controlled by the group. As a result, the businessman was the target of investigations in the country, when it was proven that his group used antithetical and illegal tactics to dig news.

In addition to the negative repercussions in the media sector, News Corp is also not doing well in the internet area. His last heavy investment – MySpace – has not moved and has been easy prey for Facebook, while his bet on tablet journalism threatens to end the possible closure of The Daily newspaper.

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