Rupert Murdoch newspaper editors indicted for cell phone hacking

British prosecutors announced on Tuesday that they would indict two former employees of the extinct News of The World tabloid, which closed its doors after a scandal was revealed that publishers serving the media company were linked to the invasion of British royal family and celebrity cell phones. like Jude Law, Sienna Miller and Hugh Grant.

In addition, six more of the main figures linked to the case will be prosecuted and can serve prison sentences if found guilty.

Among the main defendants are Andy Coulson – then Prime Minister David Cameron’s chief communications officer until the plan was revealed and former News of the World editor – and Rebekah Brookes, then chief executive of the newspaper who owned the communications magnate Rupert Murdoch.

Anticipating the consequences of the indictment for British justice, Murdoch left last Monday all the management positions he held in British newspapers such as The Sun, Times and Sunday Times.

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