Rumor: Apple may launch music platform via streaming

The future of digital music is in streaming services. Apple realized this and is preparing an online radio to compete with platforms like Spotify and Pandora.

Virtual radios allow users to listen to lists of specific genres or styles, eliminating the need to search for new artists or tracks. Apple believes they pose a threat to iTunes, according to the Wall Street Journal, which is why it intends to launch its own platform.

The service would run both on smartphones and tablets with iOS and on Macs and PCs with Windows. Android could be left off the platform, according to the newspaper.

Apple was important in defining digital music. The launch of the iTunes store offered an alternative for both consumers and record labels who saw the growth in illegal distribution of MP3 music.

However, platforms like Spotify and Pandora have a large collection of music stored in the cloud and that can be heard anywhere and anytime, without the need to download the file. Users pay a monthly subscription to access the entire music library available on the services.

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