Robot paints pictures from people’s sleep

The Ibis hotel chain will carry out a different experience with its guests using a robot. According to the Brainstorm, the action called “Sleep Art” (something like “sleep art”, in Portuguese), will make an android paint pictures based on the patterns of people’s dreams.

According to the website, the bed of some guests in hotels in Berlin (Germany), London (England) and Paris (France), will have 80 sensors that will send information to the robot, such as movements, sounds and temperature of the person who is sleeping The machine will then transform this data into art, drawing shapes on a canvas with acrylic paints.

The company stated that it will not film the actions inside the room, but has not informed what will be done with the works of art after the end of the action. If you are going to pass through one of these cities and want to participate in the project, click on here To sign up. Ibis will select 25 participants.

Learn more about Sleep Arte on the video below.

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