Paulo Bernardo defends debate on new Electronic Communications Law

The Minister of Communications, Paulo Bernardo, said during the Annual Convention of the Bandeirantes Group, held in So Paulo last Friday, 30, that there will be no type of censorship control in Brazil.

Second MiniCom official websiteBernardo highlighted that a new Electronic Communications Law is an issue that must be faced and discussed, since the legislation of the broadcasting sector is very outdated, causing a tangle of ordinances, decrees that confuse the public manager.

However, the minister reaffirmed the government’s position in defense of freedom of expression and guaranteed that “no type of control is thought of since democratic freedom is an achievement that must be maintained”.

In June of this year, in a speech at the 26th Congress of Abert – Brazilian Association of Radio and TV Companies, the minister stated that the proposal will not deal with journalism and does not apply to newspapers and magazines. “Issues dealing with the regulation of constitutional principles related to the press and the right to reply must be discussed separately, with the National Congress as the appropriate forum,” he said.

Bernardo also reinforced: “the debate for a new law for electronic communications cannot be guided by political-partisan reasons or” be subordinate to the political conjuncture, because the current legislation hinders the advances of the telecommunications and broadcasting sector in Brazil.

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