Panasonic must abandon TV market to make tablet screens

Rumors emerged on Tuesday, the 16th, that Panasonic is about to abandon the television business, directing efforts to build small panels for products such as tablets.

THE Reuters, for example, cites the Japanese newspaper Nikkei, according to which the company expects to close the year with growth in sales of 13 mlhes of LCD units, while those of plasma should fall in half – to 2.5 million.

The publication says Panasonic is unlikely to post a profit in the next fiscal year.

On the other hand, the AppleInsider says the company has even sent screen models to Apple so the two can start working together, and that the apple company “seems to be satisfied” with what it has seen.

If the rumors materialize, the Japanese woman will leave a falling market to play in one that is in full swing, working in partnership with those who dominate the sector with the iPad.

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