Panasonic launches 3D Blu-ray and LCD TVs with NFC

Panasonic announced releases at CES 2013. During a press conference on Monday, the company showed Blu-ray models and large LCD televisions.

The Blu-ray line won four new devices, two of which are 3D. All have Wi-Fi and Miracast, the manufacturer’s tool that allows Android devices to send videos, photos and music to the TV.

3D models also feature streaming media services, as well as 2D to 3D image converters, and an internet browser. The most basic versions of Blu-ray have Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Instant, Voodoo, CinemaNow and YouTube installed.

According to the company, the new devices are expected to hit stores in February this year. The 2012 versions will still be commercialized.


The company also announced its largest line of LCD televisions, with seven different series. The highlights go to the WT60 series that will come in two sizes, 47 and 55 inches, the DT60, the EM60 and the ET60 series, which will have 42, 50, 58 and 65 inch models.

The ET60, E60 and WT60 versions have NFC features that allow sharing smartphone content on TV and voice commands. The novelty called Swipe & Share. The EM60 models include a media player feature with two HDMI connections and a USB port.

The new models of televisions are expected to arrive in the US from March.

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