Opera launches music service

Opera Mobile, one of the leading mobile browser developers, decided to enter the music field. The company launched, in Russia only, the Unlimited Music service for streaming and downloading music.

The service costs $ 5 a month and allows the user to listen to or download more than 2 million songs. However, on iOS devices, due to Apple restrictions, downloading is not allowed.

It is in Russia that Opera has one of its biggest stakes. The Opera Mini browser is present in 52.5% of mobile devices in the country.

This year, Russia was elected one of the participating countries in the field of online piracy. That is exactly why until then there are not many services working with legal music in the region.

But the Opera service already has competitors there. One is Yndex, launched this year, which charges $ 6.99 a month and allows people to download and listen to music on a variety of different devices.

Opera executives said that if there is demand, the service should open in other countries as well.

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