Number of Internet users in Brazil grew 11% in one year

The internet continues to gain expansion in Brazil. A survey by Ibope Nielsen released this Thursday, 1, shows that the number of Internet users in Brazil increased by 11% in just one year.

The period considered was the month of September 2012, closed to 70.9 million people with access at home or at work. Among these, 50.9 million are active web users.

The survey also mentions that, when considering all the places where people can use the internet, such as internet cafes and other public access points, the number of Internet users rises to 83.4 million.

“Internet consumption in Brazil has been increasing mainly in homes,” explains analystJos Calazans in the statement. Home users total 67.8 million, with 40.7 million active.

The study points out that since 2007, the number of Internet users in homes has been increasing. This is because from this time on, the user who used the internet in internet cafes started to buy computers to use it at home.

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