Number of Google content removal requests rises 900%

Problems related to the copyright of the increasingly headache to Google. In this month, the company reached the mark of 2.5 million requests for removal of content per week, according to the Gizmodo; which shows how things are getting worse.

The 900% higher amount seen in May, when Google started making the removal numbers public. And at that time these data were already frightening, since the approximately 250 thousand orders per week that were shown are equivalent to the total for 2009.

Those who most try to intervene in the content that appears in the search results are representatives of the entertainment industry – most of them linked to music, cinema, TV and pornography. That is why the most affected sites are the file sharing sites, such as 4Shared, and torrents, such as Pirate Bay.

Most of the requests were legitimate, according to Google, because in 97.5% of the cases the applicant was right. And in general the company’s response comes quickly: in about six hours the request is processed.

Google Censorship

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