Nokia is investigated because of ‘I lost my love in the club’

Nokia’s marketing strategy to publicize the arrival of Pure View 808 in Brazil may result in complications for the company, which has come to be questioned by two bodies, one linked to the advertising market and the other to consumer rights.

Both Conar (National Council for Advertising Self-Regulation) and Procon-SP, according to the magazine’s website This Money, instituted administrative processes to understand if Nokia crossed the line with the campaign, which was played without the consumer knowing it was an advertising campaign.

On the 10th of this month, the user identified as Daniel Ancantara posted on YouTube a video telling that he had known the love of his life in a nightclub in So Paulo, but as he lost contact with her, he decided to create the film “I lost my love in the club “to get help from internet users (look here).

After the video came a Facebook page, in which Alcantara was posting updates on the case, convincing the audience about the story. Behold, on the 17th, he revealed the truth, revolting most of the people who accompanied him. To give you an idea, the last video, which has already been seen by more than 38 thousand people, has 3.5 thousand negative notes against 1.1 thousand positive ones (check out).

The complaints motivated the bodies to investigate, both understand that it would be necessary to alert the consumer. In the case of Conar, the entity notified Nokia on the matter and is awaiting an opinion. Depending on the rapporteur’s understanding, the entire campaign may have its suspension recommended – since there is no power to do so, but consensus between the parties.

With Procon the situation would be even more complicated, as the decision of the body can culminate in a fine, ranging from R $ 400 to R $ 6 million. Procon did not receive any complaints from consumers, but decided to enter the case because the strategy became “public and notorious”, according to its executive director, Arthur Goes.

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