New York Times may sell About group for $ 270 million

In a press release, the New York Times said it was in the process of negotiating to sell the About group, one of its branches of journalistic content.

The About portal is seen as one of the first “content farm”, a type of site that focuses on the quantity of news and not necessarily on quality.

The group was responsible for the losses that the New York Times suffered in the last quarter, representing a loss of approximately US $ 143.6 million

Part of the drop was due to changes in Google’s search algorithms, where a large part of the accesses came from. The changes started to privilege more the quality of the content.

Journalist Peter Kafka, from AllThingsD, heard sources “familiar with the matter” who say the group is interested in buying the publication for $ 270 million. In 2005, the New York Times purchased the vehicle for $ 410 million.

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